One of the easiest ways to update your home décor for a new look is to add a stunning rug. If you have a large room, you can use more than one rug to define spaces for specific activities.

With our wide range of Turkish, Persian, Indian Flatweave, Alpaca and Shaggys, there’s always something for everybody.

Accent Rugs: These rugs come in a wide variety of fibers, colors, styles and patterns. These are great for adding color and texture to an entrance area, bathroom, kitchen, or hallway.

Kitchen floor mats: Spruce up a kitchen with a couple of work station mats. These can be purely utilitarian or decorative additions.

Rug runners: One of the best ways to break up a long hallway is with two to three matching rug runners. Be sure to space evenly and keep furniture off of these rugs. You’ll want to use non-slip pads to keep from tripping over sliding rugs.

Outdoor Rugs: Define outdoor rooms with stunning attractive outdoor rugs that are available in wide selections of sizes and style.

The right rug can instantly transform a drab room into a stunning showcase. A simple area rug can be used to tie room elements together into a cohesive design. An area rug is the easiest way to update a room décor without needing to make major furniture, wall, and window treatment changes.

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